Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn
Famous for Smart Passive Income, also on youtube

In his latest newsletter, wrote about how he had a 4 hour block, and yet he has become expert at cranking out a 1500 word blog post in just a few hours
So why did he have writers blog, when writing his book?
As he says ” I realized that I was my own worst enemy.
You see, when I was writing yesterday I was editing everything along the way, trying to make it perfect before moving onto the next section.
I let perfectionism get in the way, In other words – trying to be perfect not only stops you from making progress, but it hinders creativity too”

Therefore perfection can be as much as disabilitating effect when trying to something creative as procrastination can be too
which is act of postponing, delaying or putting off whatever till another day
“I will do that tomorrow” but as they say tomorrow never comes because you keep putting off whatever that happens to be.
Maybe we are all at sometime or other are guilty of procrastination and use it as a excuse not to create,
just baware of letting perfectionism stifle your creativeness.

I thought I would share this with those who choose to be creative and maybe struggling with either I hope it helps

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