Living in the Past?

Living in the Past?

Most everyone will be bound to have some regrets in their lives, some more than others, but we all have our share of problems and difficult decisions which can lead to regrets.

While we may wish we could erase them, since we can’t travel back in time, we need to move on and move onto the future by letting go of the past.

For unless we do we will constantly live in the past, reliving our old mistakes and missing out on all that our present day has to offer and therefore stifling our future, because we cling onto our regrets.

We should learn from our mistakes, Not Wallow in self pity, as this will disable you creative thinking

Live each day as if it was the only day you have, reach for the future whatever it may bring, not dwell in the past, as this will defeat you and all your dreams will come to nothing.

Take control of your life; Don’t let past life control you.

Live for the moment and that moment is NOW!


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