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  • NEW    ‘Non, rien de rien.’ No, I don’t feel sorry about anything. Quebec separatist party wins power again. What they will do and why.
        By: Jeffrey Lant (Posted: 20-Sep-12)

  • Interesting People
  • NEW    ‘And all you needed to know was in that eye-poppin’ bodacious smile, the smile
    that never quit no matter what. Of Erin Sims, the reality and influence of inner light made manifest for us, a festival of remembrance.

        By: Jeffrey Lant (Posted: 25-Sep-12)

  • NEW    ‘We’re tough for miles around.’ Thoughts on Marty Burke, political animal, dead
    at 64, August 18, 2012.

        By: Jeffrey Lant (Posted: 24-Sep-12)

  • Religion
  • NEW    Did he or didn’t he? Thoughts on whether Jesus married or not.
        By: Jeffrey Lant (Posted: 03-Oct-12)

  • NEW    ‘Give me that old time religion,’ implores the Pope as the world ponders the
    possibility and importance of a married Jesus. Wow!

        By: Jeffrey Lant (Posted: 01-Oct-12)

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