Improving your Blog – Increasing Income Chances

Free blogging services are great, they allow you to have several active blogs and you get to choose a unique name for it too

This is all fine up to a point, although there are several templates to choose from that are impressive enough at first, but there are ways to improve them and by doing so improve their ranking and increase the chances of income

First and foremost you need to choose a targeted subject or niche as it called these days, so an amount of research is need to find a profitable one
Then depending on the results you need to choose a suitable name one with profitable keywords included if possible, even if you don’t want to own the URL name at that time

It will be useful to find out if the name is available and if so it may well be worth considering, as this will help your blog stand out from thousands of others

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to first choose a template that allows you to change the header with your own
In this way you can brand your blog with the chosen name within the header, if you can’t do this for yourself contact me at, you would need to provide the blog URL so I can see what style would suit

Next if you blog with WordPress they will offer you the chance to own the URL name, which will look a whole more impressive than a normal WordPress URL

Also doing this means the blog now becomes more of a website, and less of an amateurish blog

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