Another internet computer WARNING

WARNING while on the internet the browser closed down and I got a popup message “Security warning potential harmful virus, need immediate action” or something similar.
Thinking it was the antivirus I already have I clicked on the popup!

BIG mistake – it turn out to be a dangerous infection it ‘self, which installed it ‘self and wouldn’t allow me to use the antivirus already installed

It kept insisting I allowed it to clean the infection off my computer. But to do so I would need to buy the FUL version of the software – I DON’T think so!

Why would anyone want to buy something that sneaks into your computer and installs it ‘self, Plus there was NO uninstall to be found even through the control panel

So the only I could deal with this problem was to do a System Restore, however there is some traces lurking on my computer according to the official the antivirus already have installed

This way of selling ought to be outlawed, as being sneaky – uninvited – using scare tactics – entering onto a person’s computer under false pretences – and to my mind an extremely underhanded dishonest way of doing business

Does anyone know of a site where we can complain and get someone to take legal actions against this firm’s mal-practice? If you do please leave contact details within your comments – Thanks

Update on this post, even though I restored my computer to a earlier date, that software was still there denying access to everything
I finally got shot of it by using “search to find where it was and the Deleting it then empting the bin

The software this post is about was called Antivirus Security Pro


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