Go Pinch a Chip!

Here I’m not suggesting you take one of someone else chips, what I’m talking about is the way chip shop owners test to see if the chips are cooked enough and ready to serve

I’ve seen this done many times and while it may not be the most effective way of testing the readiness of chips but is a widely used method

From personal experience I found this method slightly unfriendly to fingers, so discovered other ways of testing the readiness of chips

To fry chips most may use a normal frying pan or deep fryer; however I use a wok with a lid as I found this to be more effective way of frying than a normal pan

I noticed when the chips float on the top of the oil they are ready, this only seems to works with frozen chips – freshly cut chips from potatoes don’t seem to react this way – more about these later

Next I noticed if you scoop some out of the wok and drop them into the lid they make a dull clink sound when ready

Now about freshly cut chips, maybe because of the amount of water contained within freshly cut potatoes, they don’t fry so well at least not easily – they are more inclined to go a dark brown than a golden brown

So they are not as suitable for frying, but sometimes when you run out of frozen and have spare potatoes available it seems reasonable to use them for frying

Of course there is an alternative to frying, you could oven baked them by dipping them into oil then draining them and placing them onto a tray into a hot oven until cooked, not forgetting to turn them over occasionally

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