The multi useful Firefox browser

Internet explorer comes as the standard browser with most pc’s and laptops, but a more useful browser is Mozilla Firefox which is FREE to download and easy to swap over as your default browser

One of the best things about Firefox is its community run and not owned by any company, everyone with the community owns it, and the number of people who work in the background to improve the performance of this browser grows all the time as does the amount of users

I myself have used Firefox for many years and there has never been any problem, in fact the opposite is true, when I had problems with a virus and had to reset Firefox

An automatic backup of all my bookmarks was made by this browser and later re-install without me doing a thing

There is also a nice remember login feature so no problems with forgetting passwords, although it’s advisable to write all those details down on a notepad in case of computer crashes etc

Another useful feature is the add-on, there is a wide verity of them to choose from and these are constantly updated and improved

The simplest of these is the open a new tab, which is like opening a new window but easier to swap from one to another as they operate side by side instead of two or three separate windows

Also you will find when you open a new tab by clicking the + on the browser, nine of the last sites you visited which is helpful if you frequently use them

At the very bottom of the start up page, are seven useful icons, including “download” for easy access to everything you downloaded

Bookmarks which is also available at the top of the browser, for your personal favourite sites

History: Where you can explore what sites you look at throughout the week or further back if you need to

Add ons: Which I mentioned before, for access other useful features

Sync: This allows you easy access through an assortment of devices

Setting: Where you can alter any or all access options etc

Restore Previous Session: Which allows you to back onto sites you may need to work with again

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