So what is traffic?

Anyone who owns a website or even runs blog will know without traffic you can say goodbye to any chance of any income!

So what is traffic?

Traffic is online vistitors to wherever you want them to go too, but indealy those vistors should be tageted in other word they should be already interested in what you have to sell

If not you are simply wasting your time and effort and money if you are paying for website traffic

Also you will need to drastically re-think where to send that traffic, yes ideally it would be your actual website

However it’s very unlikely you will earn any money if you send them there!

What I hear you say, not send them to my website or blog! Are you mad, where else would I send them?

Glad you asked, the whole secret to success online is NOT sending directly to a website, you need and MUST send them to landing pages otherwise known as capture pages

Note: I was going to include a image to demonstrate this, but images don’t work well on WordPress blogs, however I will let you know when & where I’m able to upload a image for you to see

Get Masive Traffic to Any Site You Choose


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