How do you money with Autoresponder?

You can make money with autoresponder’s by using them to build a mailing list

Most autoresponder services provide squeeze page templates, which can be edited and adapted to suit your website

Squeeze pages are sometimes referred to as landing page

I am assuming that since you are reading this information about
how you can make more money with Autoresponders that you are also at least moderately involved in online advertising.

You may be working with search engines, ezine advertising, classified ads, banner ads, blogging, or any number of options.

Hopefully, you are at least seeing some results from those ads and
you are generating new leads or at least getting visitors to your

My last few messages have been about how our Autoresponders can help you convert visitors into leads and leads into sales.

Today’s message is going to be more about how you can find out which of the ad campaigns you are running are actually worth running.

As you get visitors to your site, ask yourself:

Which ads produced the most visitors?
How much am I actually paying to get someone to my site?

If you can’t answer those questions, you are losing money… FAST!

When you test drive our Autoresponder system, you will also have access to our AdTracker system.

Using the AdTracker system I can tell:

* How many people visited my site from a banner ad.

* How many people visited my site from my ezine ads.

* How many people visited my site from my FFA Page.

* How many people visited my site from this email you are
reading. (Yes… I know exactly how many people respond to this letter).

* How many people visited my site from the email you read
yesterday. (You guessed it… I know how many responses that letter got, too).

Would you agree that is some pretty powerful information? At a
glance, I can tell you which ads are producing and which ads are

Now, if an ad isn’t producing, I don’t necessarily drop the ad or
the company. I test some different ad copy… maybe a different
headline… if I still don’t get any results after some solid
testing, I may drop the ad or the company or both.

But my point is that I KNOW what is working and what isn’t. I
don’t have to waste any of my time, effort, or money on anything
that isn’t producing results. And for me, results means profits.

I don’t know about you, but that is a pretty good system to have!

Imagine how much time and money you could save if you were
spending them on ONLY those things that gave you good results.

Believe me… the time savings alone would more than pay for your
membership with This is just ONE of the
techniques and tools I provide you with this system and you can
get it all ABSOLUTELY FREE for the next 30 days!

and set up your FREE Trial account.

Stop losing money on wasted advertising efforts. Get control of
your advertising and boost your profits with!



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