Humans a creature of habit

Humans a creature of habit

It is said that man is a creature of habit; this should also apply to any human as we all tend to do things out of habit rather than conscious decision

These are things we have either grown up with or acquired somewhere in our lives, that we probably do day after day without even questioning why

Habits good habit or bad ones we all have them, controlling our daily lives even though we don’t know they are, and yet some habits are useful to have saving us remembering basic things like getting dressed in the morning

While other habits, the bad ones are the ones that have the most control over us, dominating our lifestyle and often hindering any real progress in lives

Have you ever noticed it is far easier to acquire a new bad habit than to get rid of one of your bad habits?

This is because most bad habit are addictive such as smoking or excessive drinking or taking drugs not the medicated ones, although even those can also be addictive if you are unaware of the possible side affects

Breaking FREE!

While it is advisable to give up bad habits that damage your health, it will never be easy especially if you have continued that habit for several years

You first of all need to recognize the bad habit as problem and then take professional advice and any help you can get to overcome the addictive pull of the habit whatever it is

There are usually organizations for most addictions that will help you through the difficult times, as well as tools or aids that may be available

Whatever you help methods chose, you have to make the decision to give the bad habit up and be determined to carry on until you are free

In my next release I will continue this theme and write about methods and alternative ways of dealing with any bad habit


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