Getting Rich Quick or Slowly?

Push Button Sytems

It seems like every day a brand new next best thing push button simple software or system, is breaking into our already hectic world spurring us all into immediate ACTION

The clock is ticking the countdown has begun, once the limit has been reached this amazing product or service will disappear forever!
So is it any wonder that everyone is desperately seeking to GET RICH QUICK?

As we are bombarded daily with a increasing sense of urgency, that we have grown inpatient of waiting, even though in our hearts we know deep down that we are being mislead
In fact sometime ago I wrote a article about the lure of the “Lure of the Big shiny red button next big thing” and another “Has the pursuit of money become the next Holy grail”

So I was somewhat surprised to see a young man reading a book titled “Get Rich Slowly”
With this in mind I went investigating on the internet, and found several places with that titles including a physical book from Amazon – don’t worry I’m not pitching this so there’s no affiliated link
On one of the sites I found information that was dealing with saving small amounts of money, which is something I used to do as a child, way before decimalization

Later reviving this habit when incoming money was restricted, however I still use this thrifty habit even if not needed just a backup should hard times strike again
Another method spoke of investing in a home based business or anything that improves your knowledge, such as new skills – reinvest money into your business and passive income – assets
Others suggest attending conferences or meeting or web-seminars that teach how to get rich slowly, by not getting sidetracked and consistent and steady persistence building on every small success

(c) g.s.commander


About gcomand

Retired from full time job, to become a full time carer
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