Just how do you earn money online?

The Top Question

That’s the question many people would like to know, without all the usual hassle, including going to Google to search for real paid work
Sorry to say there does not seem to be any real paid work anywhere on the internet that is work you can do from home and get paid for doing it!

Without joining systems or paying money out up front or buying something that tells you it’s push button simple – as if!

There are many articles and videos about becoming and earning money by becoming an affiliated with Click-Bank

While it is the choice of beginners as it appears to be the easiest, however while it’s free to join and you get to freely choose from thousands of products and services – in practical terms it’s a lot harder than it seems

Here’s why, firstly there a huge amount of others doing the same thing, so you have to compete against them by learning to do things in a different way

Secondly as a source of income, it’s unreliable and unpredictable unless you acquire specialist knowledge that puts you head and shoulders above everyone else

But this will not come to you for free, plus everything else you will need to succeed and sour to the top earners league – more details later on

Thirdly for some strange reason payments are only made by cheques through Click-Bank, even though they us PayPal for buyers

So what else can you do to earn extra money?

Note: Work of some kind will be required with all of these ideas

The nearest I’ve come across under the heading of work from home is freelance work, which covers a wide selection of work, here again you have to join a freelance site first and decide what you can offer as a service and the price you ask for the finished work

There are plenty of sites that you can join, mostly for free, but you may be asked for samples and references and to undertake multiple tests

As with any site you should read the terms of use before agreeing and joining

Along with Click -Bank eBay is also well know and much discussion on the web, some love it and use the site to earn themselves a very healthy profit

While others hate the site and all the restrictions that were not in place until eBay became popular, love it or hate it eBay still commands a huge influx of buying customers

But in order to achieve success there you have to become well know and popular by learning all about customer relationships to make sure you continue to get a high scoring feedback and always offering money back and quality goods

To be continued …….





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Retired from full time job, to become a full time carer
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