Defying the laws of nature

The law of gravity along with other built in natural laws,
have existed since the very beginning of this planet Earth

However it wasn’t until many centuries later man discovered their existence Isaac Newton was credited with the discovery of gravity, as it was he that discovered “what comes up must come down” due to the magnetic pull of the Earth

While we as humans are probably grateful that gravity keeps us firmly on the ground instead of floating off into space it were not in place, due to the spinning action of the earth
We probably never consider the effects of gravity we are
surrounded by creatures the defy the very laws of gravity, most of which we never even notice

Allow me to list some here, one of the busiest gravity defying creatures are ants, which come a verity of sizes, ranging from the giantAfricans soldier army ant to the microscopic tropical ant, all ants have the ability to scurry around on almost any surface at horizontal angles that make humans rock climbing seem tame incomparison

Similar to these spiders also can scale any surface and
scuttle up walls without any signs of effort, and dangle from ceilings hanging
by an extremely fine thread from which they begin to weave their webs

Not forgetting one of the smallest creatures, the common flea, with ability to jump heights that would put human efforts to shame incomparison to its size to ours
Then there are snails, even though their movement is slow, leaving
slimy erratic trails behind them as they meander their way up outside walls of houses, over
a period of time even if they don’t seem to be going in any purposeful direction

The only way us humans can escape the law of gravity, is by
being passengers in space away from the earth’s gravity pull or being a zero
gravity chamber such as the ones they use for practicing free flight falling

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