Whoopee! I have regained access

Life is quirky at times, and so is WordPress, for far too long I was denied access to my “Lot of Free info” blog even though the actual blog was still live on the web

I just was unable to gain access as the admin editor, to update the contents with new posts, until TODAY

When much to my surprise I finally gained the access I needed and had want for ages

At one point because of my frustration, I seriously considered restarting my blog as a hosted website, even to the extent of designing the way it would look

But today is …..

Time for jubilant celebrations for me at least, although hopefully good news for visitor readers too

I will be posting on Twitter and anywhere else I can about the return of my blog which I now can and will be updating as often as possible



About gcomand

Retired from full time job, to become a full time carer
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