Windows 10 Review

As anyone who own a PC running Windows will know Microsoft decided some time ago to not support windows XP any more

So it came as sad news that XP updates would no longer be available, soon after this news they started pushing the new arrival of Windows 10

Which was frustrating to many users, myself included as I like XP and it worked well enough for me

But it became necessary to buy a new computer, and to my dismay, Windows was unavailable so I had to go for Widows 8

Which took quite some time to get used too, with that quirky and annoying side across bar you need to engage to switch off

Later on came constant reminders to update to Windows 10, while it was still available FREE

When I finally gave in and downloaded it (which took quite some time) the actual updating took even Longer!

While it has a similar appearance to Windows 8, the side in bar has gone which was a surprise but welcome, but it was only through experimenting I found out that logging out is now “power off” which is placed over on the left

There is however another annoying feature with this new Windows, which is if you put the computer in sleep mode or this happens automatically, you will have to enter your password ever time!!

The password I have to use is the one I used to setup the computer and is linked to my Hotmail account and since the computer is in idle sleep mode, the password reminder can’t be used, plus you only need to have typed on character wrong and access is denied


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