Going beyond my Comfort Zone

Strange how most humans including myself get stuck in our comfort zones and don’t even realise

This is what happened to me, just because of vanity I believed what someone told me I was good at and foolishly and stubbornly continued to think I could make money online just using that talent/skill

I won’t bore you with the details of my talent come skill, enough to say it blinded me to my lack of making money understanding and my own faults

One of which was my unwillingness to see my spelling mistakes, which was essential in the line of work /service I intended to do

Later on in life my reluctance to step out of another comfort zone and place myself in front of a live webcam as a monitor, fortunately for me I had someone who persistently nudged me in that direction until I gave in and applied and after training became one of the 75 live monitors

I still do frequent monitor duty and I enjoy helping and advising people who come into the L.B.C

What is the L.B.C? Short for the live business centre

Enough about that, my reason for mentioning it was to tell you that I too have struggled to get out of the comfort zone and to encourage you to do the same, whatever your personal comfort zone maybe, if you allow yourself to stay there you will miss many opportunities


About gcomand

Retired from full time job, to become a full time carer
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