Recycle – Upcycle are they the same?

If you are anything like I was, thinking that recycling covered all aspects of re-using items that would otherwise end up in waste bins

Then we are both wrong, actually I had never heard of upcycling until recently which turns out to be making something new out of waste items rather than adding to a recycle bin

Those items are mostly turned back into the same item, by manufactures, whereas upcycling is done by individuals who not only want to help save the environment but also do something creative

As well as provide them with a brand new item that they may be able to sell, using places like eBay

In order to upcycle any item you first need the ability to imagine what it could be turn into, and then to be practical enough to carry out the needed process

Also having assorted tools will help too, especially if you intend to use a variety of waste objects, it may be necessary to experiment and alter until you find a suitable new product you can make from the waste item

It goes without saying the waste item must be cleaned first before attempting to make something new, and wearing protective clothing like gloves is recommended especially if the waste item is glass

Having some kind of shed or other work place might be beneficial, in order to keep your home free from debris, wherever possible keep the floor and working are free from dust and remains of the waste items

It’s also a good idea to find out what other people are upcycling and if they are selling those items, this will let help you find out  if your efforts will be profitable or not

This only applies if you intend to sell the finished items opposed to just making them as presents or doing your bit to cut down on waste, in order to help the environment


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