Regained Access

It has been quite a long time since I added a new post to this blog site, this was due to me being able to gain access

Like many other people who run blogs or other sites to login into, trying to remember all login details can become overwhelming

This was the main reason for my lack of updating, although constant updating any site with fresh new content can be an ongoing struggle as many other blogs will know

However now that I have finally regained access, I shall attempt to keep updating as frequently as possible

With this in mind I’m add this free information, to save you time and effort I hope readers will find useful

Useful websites
—————————— Lear That has categories like business, finance, home repair, and computers and tech, this site has plenty of classes for avid learners
—————————-   Better known as expertvillage Now  ehow is How To Do Just About Everything and if you join you can earn money
Write and publish original How To articles, videos and photos online at eHow.
Watch your articles earn cash… directly deposited into your PayPal account.
————————-      Another How To Do Just About Everything, website though the vidoe’s run
smoother than on the site above – Though you will need to click on play at this site
Although you can play any video, you might want sign up as a memeber
Note: A lot of the videos are hosted at YouTube
————————- This site is written article based with now videos at this time
————————- Yahoo Answers     This is run by Yahoo,it’s a members questions & answers in written form only
—————————        Interesting site mostly written articals, but some video’s
———————-  Instructables   Written articels with images,these can be downloaded as PDF files, but only if you are a premium member
———————- Briliant collection of how to videos

———————  cosmo learning for more serious minded people


I will add more as I come acctoss them


About gcomand

Retired from full time job, to become a full time carer
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